sku#3003 Universal Powder , texture

sku#3003 Universal Powder , texture

Universal Powder , texture    This texture is mixed with Medium for Texture and Relief.

It may be used under gold or platinum or another color AFTER it's been fired.

NOTE: Picture shown above has been painted with gold over it in order to show the texture. The Gold are not included in the price.

Here are the instructions that you may copy and paste on a Word Document:

Universal Powder   (Chip Off)


Mix Universal Powder with Medium for Texture and Relief

Apply on porcelain where you want the glaze to chip off

Fire 015

Wear protective eye wear and chip off area where Universal Powder has been fired with sharp knife.  (Be very careful as this is glass and will cut.)

Sand area of chip off with coarse sand paper to smooth the sharp edges.

Apply paint color, gold or  luster's

Fire at 018                      805 331-9314               

$12.00 $10.00