sku#3004 Portuguese Raised Paste , texture

sku#3004 Portuguese Raised Paste , texture

Portuguese Raised Paste , texture.     This texture is mixed with Medium for Texture and Relief.

It may be used under gold or platinum or another color AFTER it's been fired.

NOTE:  Picture shown above has been painted gold over it in order to show the texture.  The Gold are not included in the price.

Here are 2 instructions which you may copy and paste on a Word Document:

Portuguese Raised Paste applied with a Syringe


1/2    Portuguese Raised Paste                                                                                                                           

1/2    I- Relief                                                                                

Mix  the above  powders with Medium for Texture and Relief to a yogurt (not too runny) consistency.              

Use a spatula to place mixture into Syringe then press out some mixture to get rid to any air bubbles.

Start pressing the syringe mixture off your porcelain then move the stream onto your porcelain in a design like waves and circles.

Fire 016

 Paint over with gold, silver, platinum  or colored paints  

Fire at 018                        805 331-9314               


Portuguese Raised Paste for Scrolls


Mix  Portuguese Raised Paste powder with Medium for Texture and Relief to form a peak consistency like meringue.  Add a little turpentine to condition.

 Apply with a synthetic brush for scrolls

Fire 016

Apply bright gold or matte gold 

Fire 018

This technique will produce the classic relief old factories use                      805 331-9314