sku#4001 Carbon Paper A2 - Tools

sku#4001 Carbon Paper A2 - Tools

Carbon Paper A2 - Tool

This carbon paper is wonderful because your tracing stays on when you paint over it with Filipes medium.

There is one large carbon paper sheet which measures 17 1/2"  by  24"

To visually compare the size, that would be a little larger than four (4) sheets of regular copy paper measuring  8 1/2" by 11"

Note:  The carbon paper should be "prepared" before using.  When traveling, small bites of carbon may accumulate.   Use a roll of soft paper towel (like the blue shop paper towels)  and gently wipe ( not hard )  the carbon paper to remove the loose carbon.  This only needs to be done when you initially use the piece of carbon paper or when travel has caused accumulation to occur.  If you notice that there are smears of carbon on your porcelain when tracing, you may need to prepare that piece of carbon paper to remove the carbon accumulation.

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