sku#4012 Syringe , for texture application - Tools

sku#4012 Syringe , for texture application - Tools

Syringe, for texture application -  Tool

Comes with cap to cover the tip

Recommend cleaning  Syringe after use with water and mild soap

Example of this effect is pictured on the vase which has been painted with gold.

 Used 1/2  Portuguese Raised Paste and 1/2 White Relief

Mix in Medium for Texture to a runny yogurt consistency so the texture will flow through the Syringe.

 Use spatula to place texture into the Syringe.

(You can practice first on a tile and then place the texture back in the Syringe.)

Push air bubbles out before applying on porcelain.  Start pushing the texture out of the Syringe OFF

your piece, then continue the flow and apply it on your porcelain, swirling the texture on the piece.

Fire at cone 017-018

After firing texture, you may then apply gold and fire at 015.

Generally it is recommended to do textures at the end of your pieces completion as each firing melts more of the texture in the glaze.

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