sku#5250 MATTE GOLD 30% - 5 grams

sku#5250 MATTE GOLD 30% - 5 grams

 MATTE GOLD 30% - 5 grams

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Liquid Matt Gold (30%) per 5 grams

This  jar contains 5 grams of 30% Liquid Matt Gold.

Liquid Matt Gold is a diluted solution of pure gold, which, when fired, produces a matt finish that does not need burnishing.

It flows easily from a brush or pen point and should appear as an even tan color before firing.

Always stir with a glass stirring rod or similar implement before each use.

Tips On Application & Firing:

Do not apply too heavily as it will blister in the firing.

If applied too thinly, a purplish marking will result after firing. In that case reapply and fire again.

Liquid matt gold will creep against graphite pencil lines, carbon paper markings, or wet paint and produce the same purplish marks after firing.

Clean surfaces well before application with denatured alcohol or methylated spirits. Do not use turpentine as it will also creep against a surface cleaned with turpentine.

It will also creep against a surface marked by a fingerprint.

Normally, this gold will keep indefinitely when kept tightly sealed. Do not thin unless it has been exposed to the air for extended periods. To thin use lavender oil sparingly or Dilute for Gold.

Always allow the liquid gold to dry naturally before firing. Firing temperature for liquid matt ranges from 560°C/1040°F to 820°C/1508°F. Good ventilation of the kiln is most important as the gold can become hazy or dull if the ventilation is poor.

Uses for Liquid Matt Gold:

On white china.
On bisque (produces a matte effect).
For banding.
Over fired lustres.
On etched china or porcelain.
On glass.

Firing range:

Porcelain - 780°C (1436°F) - 880°C (1616°F)
Bone China -750°C (1380°F) - 880°C (1616°F)
Vitreous China - 750°C (1380°F) - 850°C (1560°F)
Earthenware - 650°C (1200°F) - 740°C (1365°F)