sku#2920 Metallic 12 pack , paint 12 grams each

sku#2920 Metallic 12 pack , paint 12 grams each

Metallic 12 pack , paint - 12 grams.    These metallics are BEAUTIFUL !!!!!   Use MX54 medium which is a drying medium.   

 Instructions are below the list of colors.

Blue Metallic
Bronze Metallic
Cream Metallic
Dark Red Metallic - see picture
Gold Metallic
Lilac Metallic - see picture
Pink Metallic - see picture
Purple Metallic - see picture
Salmon Metallic
Silver Metallic
Violet Metallic
Yellow Metallic

The Metallic should be fired first since you need to fire at 014. Wear a mask, safety glasses and gloves and preferably do this work outside.  Tape off the selections where you want the metallic. Place a piece of paper under your porcelain. Brush on MX54 or a drying medium, then use a sponge to even out medium until you hear the sound of it being tacky. Pour a generous amount of Metallic powder over the tacky medium. Gently press the Metallic powder in with a cotton ball. Take a soft mop brush and gently remove the excess Metallic powder onto your white paper. Take care not to scratch into the Metallic powder which has adhered to the porcelain. Set aside your plate to dry completely. Return the excess Metallic powder on the white paper back into the bottle to use another time. After the Metallic on the porcelain has completely dried approximately 30 minutes, which depends on your weather and choice of drying medium you use, remove the tape on the plate and fire at cone 014.  The nice thing about this application of the Metallic is, that if you scratch it or make a mistake, you can clean the Metallic off the porcelain with alcohol and start over again.  List of supplies are on the SET OF METALLIC tab.

Here are instructions you may copy and paste onto a Word Document:

Metallic Powder Application

White piece of paper (8 x 10)

Tape ( blue auto tape)

Synthetic  Brush

MX54 medium  (or drying medium)        


Metallic powder

Cotton Balls

Mop brush (or very soft brush)



*Note:  Since Metallic must be fired at 014, this process is fired first BEFORE painting, textures or gold.

Wear a mask, safety glasses and gloves and preferable do this work outside.

Place white paper on work area.

Tape off area(s) or use Resist on your porcelain where you want Metallic.

Use a Synthetic brush to apply the MX54 medium (or drying medium) on the area.  Wait a few minutes then use a sponge to pounce the area until the drying medium makes a tacky sound.

Quickly sprinkle the Metallic powder thick on the tacky drying medium and then with a cotton ball GENTLY press straight down onto the Metallic powder which is on top of the drying medium.  Do NOT push or twist the metallic powder unless you want the effect of swirls or lines. 

From your porcelain piece pour the loose Metallic powder onto the white paper, taping porcelain a little.    With the Mop brush ( or very soft brush)  GENTLY brush any excess powder off piece.  Make sure not to scratch with the brush into the Metallic powder which has adhered to the drying medium on porcelain.

Let porcelain sit with Metallic for 30-45 minutes to dry completely.  The dry time depends on weather.

The Metallic powder on the white paper may be funneled back into the bottle for future use.

Use alcohol to clean off areas which you do not want to have metallic with Q-tips.

Pull off tape

Fire at 014  / 840 degrees

Clean brushes with warm water and mild soap for water base drying medium  or turpentine if used with oil base drying medium.  (note:  MX54 is oil based so use turpentine when cleaning or thinning)                      805 331-9314               


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